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BlacklandPR is contemporary in every sense of the word. Founded in March 2012 by two exuberant business partners, the company focuses more than 25 years of knowledge and experience in public communication into the modern art of persuasive conversation with real people.

BlacklandPR are an affiliate agency of Ogilvy PR Australia 

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Mark Blackham                   Twitter - Copy


Expert in human communication behaviour.  Mark has a distinguished political experience and has provided advice to executives and boards on winning over audiences using social media, direct communications, traditional channels, and government relations.


25 years ago, Mark was working in Hamilton when his media talents were spotted by the then Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and later Prime Minister, Mike Moore. Mark worked for Mike as press secretary, speech writer, and then leader of the Labour media unit. In 1996 he Joined Logos Porter Novelli as a government relations expert with flair for communicating tough subjects in ways people understood.  In 2003 he co-founded Senate, and helped grow it over nine years into a trans-Tasman communication consultancy.



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Nick Gowland                      Twitter - Copy


Corporate reputation specialist.  More than 10 years in the business managing the reputations of public and private sector clients through succinct strategy and message development, effective media relations, and issues management techniques. 


Nick’s talents were first honed in the Beehive, where he advised a number of Ministers under the Helen Clark government on media relations and policy development for the education, labour, immigration, and commerce portfolios.  Since 2007, he has held senior external communications posts for some of the biggest corporate brands in New Zealand and the UK including Telecom NZ, the TAB and London’s Tube Lines, one of the largest Public Private Partnerships in the world.  He has extensive experience across a range of industry sectors and a proven ability for understanding the reputation needs of clients.



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John Mitchell                       Twitter - Copy

News Specialist

As BlacklandPR's News Specialist, John is the link between your business and the newsroom.


A former senior journalist and editor with metropolitan and provincial newspapers in New Zealand and Australia, John has more than two decades experience in journalism and media relations.


With hands-on newsroom experience, including at The Dominion Post, John knows what stories sell and how to get your story the best coverage.


He is also experienced in managing corporate communications, government relations and delivering full media management of events, having worked at the Wellington Phoenix and the New Zealand Racing Board (TAB).