Corporate advocacy

Modern society hotly contests social, economic and moral issues.


When these touch on your field of business, it can affect operations, change laws, and lose revenue.


BlacklandPR created the discipline of Corporate Advocacy to help companies threatened by high profile and controversial issues.


You can influence public opinion so the outcome of debate and controversy helps your business.  We’re like lawyers in the court of public opinion: we marshal argument, evidence, expert opinion and influencers to appeal to the largest number of people.



We help clients advocate their views on subjects of business or social importance. Our strengths are “behind the scenes” – designing a strategy and tactics that will win the argument.


Our unique understanding of New Zealanders, includes the most extensive documented contact network you can find. We are a hands-on organisation – we take arguments and evidence in your favour deep into the New Zealand public. We change hearts and minds, sidelining those who threaten your business.




Our staff have counselled organisations facing some of the biggest public affairs issues of our time; 

- Alcohol – advice to the industry on moral and public policy debates

- Beer – advice to the industry on perception and public policy

- Dairy – advice to the industry on influence of debates about water quality, environmental impact, and the infamous “Bobby Calves” activism.

- Animal welfare – advice to organisations involved in animal sports such as Greyhound Racing, and food production, such as lamb and beef.

- Oil and gas – advice to the industry on keeping New Zealanders supportive of exploration and production

- Obesity – advice to the food manufacturing industry and individual companies on management of nutrition debates