Media crisis

Your organisation could become the subject of public debate at any time – for almost any reason. When the storm of condemnation hits, we calmly steer you through and out safely – with your reputation and business intact.


We help you talk, and act, your way out of tight spots.


Everything we do – all our experience, our practice, our thinking – is geared toward this work.

Two principles drive our public crisis work:


1. Please those who matter most, and don’t worry about the rest

2. Demonstrate your values – stand up for yourself



Experience. We have tackled some of the toughest, most complicated media crises; from physical attacks and publicity campaigns by social activists, errors in operation, product and service by companies, and product recalls.


Dedication. In addition to our strategic and tactical experience, we are the only PR consultancy with a dedicated fulltime media specialist; an ex-journalist who knows how to talk you out of tight spots.


A special approach. A media crisis is primarily a debate in public about your organisation. It is not, necessarily, derision shared widely by most of the public. We help identify the audience that will support you, and the arguments that will appeal to audiences that matter most.


Our staff have counselled organisations facing some of the biggest media storms of our time in matters such as;

  • Product recalls
  • Animal welfare
  • Oil exploration
  • Ethical issues
  • Finance
  • Customer mistreatment and complaints