Media training

The media has never been more inescapable. Organisations live or die on how they are represented in the media; online, broadcast and print. BlacklandPR teaches that success in the media is knowing yourself and your audience. We offer training to engage with the media so your audiences are impressed.


We focus training on three components; modern media theory, creating persuasive messages, and creating a personal media identity. We share the secrets of PR; knowledge of the media industry, the psychology behind connecting with your audience, and understanding what journalists want.


BlacklandPR’s training is a bespoke service, because no organisations and economic sectors are the same. We lift your performance in any media or presentation situation.



The answer is to prepare now for when you or your team need it. Media training reveals strengths and weaknesses in your public message that you should correct now.

But that doesn’t always happen. When something goes wrong, or could go right if handled well, call us in to prepare you. We have everything we need to step in immediately. New projects, events, launches and rebrands all benefit from refined and skilled media communication.


Two staff, a Director and an ex-journalist, take you and up to 8 people through a session lasting 4 to 8 hours. We have media trained 25 people in one session! 


Prepare mock interviews based on real issues and situations you need to be ready for


Show you good and bad interviews, to learn from others


Show you how to shape your story so it is attractive and persuasive


Run through as many mock interviews as we can, to try out messaging


For advanced clients, run through challenging subjects and formats, and adjust performance


Development programme; follow-up interview exercises, reminders and tips



We use a real journalist. We use either in house staff who are ex-journalists, or external contractors who have previously been broadcast journalists.


We know the value of practice interviews. We concentrate on trying out messages in a range of interview situations that are as real as we can make them.


We focus on persuasive messages. We look at the language you are using, and the non-verbal signals you are sending, to create a powerful and persuasive message.


We have real industry experience. We have over 25 years’ experience advising in PR, and media-training political leaders, CEOs, and Boards. We also have 15 years active journalism experience.