Social media

BlacklandPR uses social media because it is the most direct form of influencing audiences, and provides insights that shape overall communication and marketing strategies.

We even offer live social media crisis simulation training sessions. These are a fun and interactive way to learn how and when to react online.



> Social media is a way for people to do what they have always done; communicate.

> The major change brought about by social media is an expectation of open and quick communication, of information delivered ‘authentically’.

> Use social media if you, and your organization, are honestly prepared to see and hear what your customers, staff, stakeholders and the general public, think of you.

> Use social media if you, and your organization, have the skills to impress and influence these people.

> Use social media where it can be led by, and integrated with, overall communication strategies and organisational goals and measurement.

> We don’t control social media because no one can control expression. The only form of control is being impressive and persuasive.



Social Media Monitoring

We set up a system so you can watch and learn from what’s being said about your organization or issue over social media. The knowledge will help you locate your audiences and your organisation’s messages.

Getting Ready 

We set up and secure social media channels so you have them available for possible future use, such as in a crisis. Securing these channels now stops others from using them.


We set up a system that uses social media to send out content you are already producing in the course of your business; announcements, media releases, newsletters, fact sheets. This is a safe ‘starter’ approach that gets you comfortable with the practicalities of using social media.