How to stoke publicity

May 1, 2018

Following the first wave of reports about Israel Folau’s comments, journalists stoked the story by printing views from an ever-widening circle of prominent people.


Every couple of hours a new person was headlined, each predictably outraged.


This is a reminder of the magnifying power of follow-up phases in media coverage. Every piece of news should be considered for its ability to be expanded in media and public conversation.


That is why we often prepare follow-up news and consider other commentators and organisations prepared to become involved in stories.


This is based on the principle that people use information to establish patterns about life. When our interest is piqued, we look for related information. Think here of the tangents and time wasted when you do a simple internet search.


Next time you’ve got good news, magnify the publicity by following up with new material, and interest others to add to the theme with their own news and views.