Our services

We specialise in providing PR services tuned to the needs of organisations who want to communicate with, and win over, audiences.
We do this by helping clients use real language to act like and deal with real people.

Public Issues and Crises

Your sensitive, high profile and complex challenges are safe in our hands. We think ahead, to play out all the possibilities and chart a route through the public and private minefield. All our knowledge and experience is on your side.

Media training

The media has never been more inescapable. Organisations live or die on how they are represented in the media; online, broadcast and print. BlacklandPR teaches that success in the media is knowing yourself and your audience. We offer training to engage with the media so your audiences are impressed.

Social media

Digital channels are part of our DNA. We bring PR disciplines to bear on the new era. It’s the same audience, but the rules are a little different. We know how you can best keep control of your reputation.

Corporate advocacy

It’s tougher than ever to be in business – to know what to do in the face of dissent, controversy, activists and disharmony. Organisa-tions and business sectors lose public and political battles because they do not advocate their case with sufficient passion, purpose and clear evidence. We help by using the growing modern PR discipline of “corporate advocacy”.

Media relations

Our team are some of New Zealand’s most adept media practitioners who’ve managed public profiles for public and private sector organisations, large and small. Whether its man-agement of a sensitive issue or generating empathy amongst media for your cause, we have all the tools of the trade to present your case forcefully.

Lobbying strategy

25 years of political savvy is at your service. BlacklandPR specialises in designing lobbying strategies. We know the workings of Parliament, MPs and staff, and officials across government. Your story is most believable when it comes from you. We devise the solution to achieving your goal, and help you work out what to say, who to tell, and when to say it.

Government relations

Our staff have worked with Prime Ministers, Ministers and MPs. Our staff have helped companies win some of the most high profile political battles in recent memory. We know what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and who you should tell.

Public relations

We are proud of the disciplines of good PR; communication, psychology, sociology, and science. We know that if you’re trying to influence someone, everything you say and do matters. So we craft messages, design activities, and create original ideas that give you the best chance of success. We can carry out everything you need to communicate with your audiences; stage events, get you into the media, staff talking points, write and design material.

Communication strategy

We work out why you are talking to others, what you want them to do or think, and how you will get them to do it. Our strategies are clever, succinct, and practical. They succeed. Everything we know about influencing people is brought to bear on your strategy. Every professional and personal experience we have had works for you.

People insight

Our professional role is to understand the people who are important to your business. What is motivating them? How can you make them understand? We are your independent and objective insight to these audiences.